Gareth Price from Lynch Sales explores the challenge of staying relevant in today’s changing market.

On 23 June the nation held its breath ahead of the Brexit referendum. Whichever side of the debate you sat the uncertainty created by the debate was unwelcome. However, a couple of months later the dire predictions made by economists, politicians and a myriad of so called experts have yet to materialise. Nothing has really changed that much; the world kept turning, the sun came up in the morning, hose prices did not and yes people continued to buy for their home.

This year we have also witnessed the collapse of one of the largest retail chains in the country, nothing to do with Brexit but certainly a salutary warning about what chronic under investment can do to a business. The product offer was ok but stores looked tired and their failure to present their offer in an appealing way and market themselves effectively encouraged the buying public to look elsewhere.

The challenge stay relevant in today’s changing market has never been more acute but the perils looking outdated have been succinctly illustrated.

Since 1914 the Lynch Sales Company has been dedicated to helping better-end furniture retailers and department stores generate unparalleled footfall and millions of pounds in sales, using our copyrighted sale plans providing advertising, merchandising and personnel training developed over three generations of experience. Today, the Lynch Sales Company continues the tradition begun by its founder when Lynch Sales Company originated the concept of promotional sales to generate cash, expand or change location, remodel stores, or update inventory.

Lynch Sales Company copyrighted Sale Plans are strategically designed to achieve 20 to 30 percent of a store’s annual volume in just 30 selling days, with marketing cost of seven percent of sales generated.

Because we develop our own sales plans we have an extensive library of material used in The United States, Canada, The Republic of Ireland and The United Kingdom to call on. But it is not just ‘what we do’ at the Lynch Sales Company; it is what we don’t do that sets us apart. The Lynch Sales Company has spent over 100 years developing and refining sales strategies for our clients. Our on-site Coordinators are experienced retailers that are further trained by us to implement those strategies. We still use a one-page contract. We do not raise your prices or use deceptive advertising, and we respect the wishes of our clients. In addition to traditional forms of advertising we also use digital marketing and social media to promote our sales.

Lynch’s goals are to improve the client’s reputation, build their long-term customer base and generate cash flow to remodel, re-merchandise, or relocate their business or to consolidate underperforming branches. Alternatively, the Lynch Sales Company can give store owners the flexibility to pursue other interests or retire comfortably using their Complete Close Out Sale.

In the UK Lynch has worked with an impressive list of national and independent retailers including House of Fraser, Lenleys, Hatfields of Colchester, and Fishpools.

To facilitate an instore refurbishment DeGruchy in Jersey hired Lynch. This is what Neville Moor, managing director said about his sale on May 10 2016: “I am following up on the recent Lynch Sales event held in the de Gruchy to say thanks for a great result, beating our sales and gross margin targets as well as coming in under budget on marketing!”

One week after the Brexit vote, Lynch started a Retirement Sale in Cardiff for Michael Eddershaw. In 30 days the sale achieved around 80% of the annual turnover of that store. This was one of the most successful sales we have run this year. Amazing what a targeted advertising campaign can do when coupled with a tightly managed event.

On 19 August 2016 Michael Eddershaw said: “Thank you for your invaluable expertise and assistance in creating and sustaining a very high footfall throughout our Lynch Sale. Mark is worth three salespeople when it comes to the point of sale and helped us to exceed the Lynch estimate and achieve sales of more than three quarters of our total annual sales in just a month!”

The Lynch Sales Company have helped their clients weather much uncertainty: recessions, depressions and world wars and remain at the top of their game. For results you can bank on to find out how Lynch can take your business where you want it to be simple visit our website or call 07974 209761 for a confidential no obligation consultation.