UK bed manufacturer Sealy has announced the launch of its new online resource to help consumers evaluate the cost of their bed.

Sealy highlighted through its Mintel statistics that 13% of consumers spend in excess of £750 on a bed, equating to cost per-sleep over eight years – the recommended time span for a new mattress, of around 25p.

On a cost-per-sleep basis, Sealy’s new resource, found at, offers guidance for consumers to put the price of a bed purchase into context with many day-to-day purchases.

Neil Robinson, marketing and sales director at Sealy said: “While you can’t really put a cost on being a deeper sleeper, and waking up refreshed and revitalised, we have attempted to do so, and it’s much cheaper than many people will think!

“A bed is one of the larger one-off household expenses that people face, and the initial price can put many consumers off, who often decide to hang on to their existing bed far longer than it is appropriate – or safe – to do so.

“However, we hope that by viewing this on a cost-per-sleep basis against other purchases, this is put into context. Scrimping when it comes to a bed really is a false economy.”