A bewildered Argos customer was stunned to find a snake amongst the packaging of their furniture order.

According to media reports, Ruth Summerbell found a Brazilian python in the box that contained her flat pack furniture when she opened it.

It is believed that the snake entered the package before being shipped from Brazil and was found dried up after it had died from being trapped inside the box containing the drawers.

In her disbelief, Ruth contacted Argos explaining the situation, where they refunded her and agreed to collect and dispose of the dead snake.

In a statement issued to Cabinet Maker, Argos refused to disclose the supplier of the furniture, but said: “We are extremely sorry for the distress this must have caused our customer and have apologised to them directly.

“This is the first time we have heard of such an issue and would like to reassure customers we are actively reviewing the source of the issue with our manufacturers.”