London-based direct-to-consumer ethical beds and bedroom furniture maker Warren Evans has announced a partnership with Maxoptra to advance its vehicle routing and scheduling optimisation software for its delivery fleet.

The move to implement the Maxoptra software will help reduce unnecessary mileage, help manage costs and minimise the environmental impact of its operation.

Kam Bamotra, transport & warehouse manager at Warren Evans, said: “The adoption of Maxoptra will allow us to improve the control of our delivery operation. This will not only increase operational efficiency, reduce costs and minimise environmental impact, but it will also significantly improve our customer service with better communication and improved ETA calculations.”

Stuart Brunger, head of business development at Magenta Technology, added: “With the implementation of the Maxoptra system, we estimate that we can significantly streamline the daily planning task, minimise paperwork with our mobile app and help our new client make substantial savings in operating costs.”

Designer Ideas Ltd, which trades as Warren Evans, is headquartered in Camden, London, and has become well known for its handmade furniture manufactured from sustainably sourced timber.