Global online destination for home furnishings and décor, Wayfair, has announced the launch of its new TV ad, featuring its employees.

The new ‘Wayfair Musical: The Remix’ ad, which brings back the iconic jingle featured in Wayfair’s first commercials, was entirely written, produced and performed by the company’s employees.

In the ad, 22 employees lead viewers through a home showcasing unique furniture and décor while singing and dancing to the original Wayfair jingle.

Nancy Go, vice president of brand, Wayfair, said: “When we first launched the Wayfair jingle in March 2014, we never expected it to take off the way it did, but we immediately received hundreds of emails and tweets from customers and employees, many of whom shared videos of their children dancing to the song.

“With this new ad, we knew we wanted to bring back the music, and we also wanted to capture the energy we all feel at the company. The commercial goes to the core of our spirit here at Wayfair: our employees.”

In conjunction with the new ad campaign, Wayfair will also launch a social media contest on 20 June inviting Wayfair enthusiasts to sing along to the Wayfair theme song and create and share their own videos.

For more information, visit: Wayfair, and to view the ad, visit Wayfair’s YouTube channel.