Long-serving independent furniture retailer Eddershaws has announced that it will be closing its store in Cardiff after more than 180 years of trading due to the owner entering retirement.

Eddershaws, which has been established since 1835, will host a Lynch closing down sale from 1 July 2016 as it prepares to close its doors for the final time.

Owner, Michael Eddershaw revealed to Cabinet Maker that it was with ‘great reluctance’ that the store will close, as well as stating there were a number of reasons behind the decision.

Michael commented: “The principal reasons are that I’m well past retirement age and I’m without a family successor to carry the tradition on.”

High property rates of around £70,000 a year, as well as a change in consumer lifestyle with the use of the internet, both contributed to the decision.

Michael added: “The decline of the Welsh economy means that there is not the prosperity that in the past supported individual high quality stores. Commercial rates are in need of drastic revision but promised reforms are repeatedly postponed as we watch our high streets decline.

“Priorities have changed, lifestyles are different and it may well be that people are happier. But there is no longer the degree of interest that there once was in the quality of the home.”

The news of the closure comes after Eddershaws closed its Swansea showroom three years ago to streamline its business. The final clearance sale for the Cardiff showroom opens to the general public on Friday 1 July and will include over £400,000 worth of stock.