The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has called for furniture businesses to raise their awareness on sustainable wood souring.

As part of its Forest Campaign, which has already seen major businesses committing to checking on their supply chains and making sure they are sourcing increasingly sustainably, WWF-UK is now raising awareness in the furniture sector, by hosting a free event - ‘Furniture and Forests’ at The Crystal in London on 30 June 2016.

The workshop offers an insight to find out more about why the sustainable timber agenda is not only better for forests, but also beneficial to business, with the WWF-UK working with businesses to show they can be part of the solution rather than part of the problems facing global forests.

Julia Young, WWF’s global forest and trade network manager WWF-UK, commented: “The results of WWF’s 2015 Timber Scorecard - designed to encourage companies to commit to robust sourcing standards - showed that the furniture sector needs to make real improvements if it’s to build a sustainable future for forests  - and for itself.

“Our event offers businesses a chance to hear from WWF on how to get to grips with some of the key topics on the sustainable agenda, including the European Timber Regulation; what sustainability really means; how to plan your efforts on sustainable sourcing; and how to communicate your efforts in a credible way.”  

The event, Furniture and Forests – how UK businesses can support better forest futures will be at The Crystal in London, from 12 – 4.30pm.

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